From the ground up

As etnies hits the ripe old age of 21, CEO Pierre Andre Senizergues has decided to celebrate by inviting along a few friends for a drink. The Pierre Andre Senizergues Drinking Age (PAS DA) Collection is an exclusive line that he designed himself with that seminal anniversary in mind.
The collection consists of six unique re-workings of the classic Senix model with a few subtle and important changes designed to reflect the contemporary concerns and beliefs of one of the most influential skate footwear brand. And they all allude to enjoying a birthday drink.
The PAS DA Collection is limited to just 21 pairs of each style. Ten of these will go to old friends of etnies who have seen it grow to reach this magical age. Another ten will be distributed for sale in the US exclusively at Blends in southern California.
And of course, Pierre Andre would like to keep his own hands on a pair of each… for the etnies museum.
Each of the shoes is constructed in as eco-friendly a manner as possible; laces are woven from recycled plastic, boxes are made of recycled cardboard and bio-degradable tissue paper wrapping keeps the shoes snug. Inside the boxes, transparent recycled tags are printed with the power (just 3kW) and ingredients utilized to construct the shoes – in the same manner as nutritional information for food. Certain elements of the original Senix shoes, upon which the line is based, have been omitted to streamline the shoes and reduce pollution in the manufacturing process. The entire collection is representative of etnies’ commitment to reducing their carbon footprint upon the world.
Now check out each shoe in detail after the jump.

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