Where the runway meets the street

For some men, getting kicked out of their partner’s flat is about as rough as it gets. They tend to be dependent partners to feed, clean, and coddle when necessary. Its sad sometimes.

So when they get tossed on their asses, back onto the streets for being themselves, the first thing they need to do is quickly find new digs and furnish.

Trolling Craigslist to find some furnishings sucks on a short timetable.

CASULO has come up with a solution, albeit something considered more temporary than anything. They have somehow managed to cram a full room worth of furniture info a 90 x 120cm box. Yes, that photo above is it.

What you’ll find inside is simply unbelievable really: a desk (adjustable), deskchair, cabinet, wardrobe, two stools, and the most important element of a manroom, a bed with mattress (take that!).

This YouTube video shows how to build out the CASULO is less than seven minutes. Leaves you plenty of time to figure out where to get some food.

More photos and views after the jump.

(via Geekologie)

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