Where the runway meets the street

Rogue Status & MAJOR brings you their first collaboration, Capitol Tru$t, in 2 different colorways!

Designed by Rogue Status’s own Jason Calabretta, he explains the concept behind the shirt:

“The Capitol building has always been one of my favorite structures. The architecture, it’s dome and rotunda, even it’s confusing placement (The West Face is usually taken to be the front is actually the back, The East face being the front of the building) and it’s ‘Focus’ by which the quadrants of the district are divided.

The Capitol represents a center or focus. The concept is the opposite. A reversed state of maximum distinctness or clarity.
I added the Masonic handshake graphic on the back to fit this idea as well. The motto ‘In Us We Trust’ represents the cryptic behavior, or mistrust all government have in relation to their citizenry.
The entire concept, being loosely based on ‘Masonic’ myths is simply what the title of the shirt implies: Capitol Tru$t, or how much can we really trust a government shrouded in such a deep vail of secrecy?

On the photo, which is the front image, the shutter speed was intentionally altered to give a ’shaded’ or subtle ghost like quality to one of the most iconic images in America’s history, the Capitol Building.”
More pics after the jump, including the original image used for the t-shirt.

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