For some an espresso is simply a good shot in the morning. For me, its the only real way I can manage to begin my day. I own a Saeco Magic Plus Super Automatic. Its a mofo of an espresso machine and I make no apologies for having spent money on it.

Now, you would expect this post to be about an espresso machine or maybe even coffee but its not. Its simply to highlight two things. The first being that even baristas (those friendly faces pulling your perfect latte’s at your local coffee shop) have their own trade magazine, called (you guessed it), Barista Magazine. Its available free online in case you’re looking to indulge. Its covers everything from global barista championships, certifications, to new wares.

The second is to show this custom Louis Vuitton Barista tamper (here’s hoping its made from a re-used handbag) owned  Milissa Muckerman, who by all accounts is one hell of a barista. Having worked in NYC and now in Europe, her cover story in this month’s issue of Barista Magazine shows that this is a no joke profession. Enlighten yourself if you feel so inclined by reading Milissa’s blog at (I just kinda like looking at Milissa).

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