Where the runway meets the street

The late 70’s and early 80’s was an era where ‘luxury sports’ gained huge TV audiences. To wear expensive fabrics, simple elegant designs and fashionable cuts was far more important than bland functional apparel that may enhance your game. This was an era when Fila redifined sportswear  with an injection of colour and signature design.
The Fila vintage collection is an authentic range of key styles selected from past garments and reproduced with finite detail. Emphasis has been placed on reproducing the original fabrics, replicating the seam and piping detail. Woven badges carry the exact stitching patterns , thread colour, edging width  and flexibility. Zip pulls also have the original enamel logo-pulls. Soon to arrive at hanon-shop are a range of Fila Vintage track tops and polo shirts with a look and feel straight from the 80’s.

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