SlamJam Milan presented last year The Changes “Italiens” exhibition and has now released about a year later a book to the exhibition.
“The Changes are made up of creative minds of today, with brains in the future, and eyes from the past. The brains actually belong to Sk*thng AKA KING ELVIS, Tokyo Sex Pistol and Icecream graphic designer, FERGADELIC AKA Aries Overlord, the graphic equaliser and the brains and pen of Tonite, and Misha and Shauna, AKA Dennis ROussos, and Veronique Cliche, of PAM, famous for travelling around and making the things they make.
This is their first tour of Italia, and are ready for some cosmiK ARt Action in Milano’s best, SlamJAm. The show is an introduction into the world of their own. SciFi and Punk music. To the Tune of Disco and Metal. Think Stockhausen, The Creatures, Johnny Cash and listen to the CHangesMix, and breathe the fluroscent UFO’s. Late last year the stages a CHANGES exhibiton in Tokyo’s ZAMIANG, the basement gallery of Undercover. Stay tuned for more excitement in the near future!!! And beyonde…….”
The book is now available at SlamJam. Have a look after the jump at some pics of pagespreads.

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