From the ground up

With gambling comes risk, and Professional Basketball’s Draft is always a gamble. The irony of the draft is unpredictable and often can make or break a team’s goal of creating a dynasty.  
To capture this feeling PUMA and No Mas teamed up and released the PUMA X No Mas First Rounds LA to further celebrate last year’s exhibition of “The Lottery”. This month, the PUMA First Round is inspired by the city of Boston and the loss of a rising star. Highlights of the PUMA X No Mas First Rounds LE include black on black leather with embroidered lottery balls, three sets of laces with “No Mas” branding on the lace tips and the outsole, and a band on the collar of the shoe saying “RIP”.  The band represents the armband that team members wear when they are mourning the loss of a teammate.
A very limited number of pairs will drop exclusively at BODEGA Boston on Monday, March 17th. Just in time to celebrate the life and death of a Boston draft pick that could have carried the team into their glory years, when they were winning back to back championships.
After the jump you can have a more detailed look at the sneakers.

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