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As part of their Spring/Summer 2008 collection, Sound & Fury, Rockers NYC has worked on an artist seriss. The Sound & Fury Artist Series features the “Wardance” tee, a collabo with photographer Shawn Mortensen, and the “Youth vs. Youth” tee, a collabo with artist and musician, Brian DeGraw.
RockersNYC have worked with the world-renowned photographer, Shawn Mortensen, on the epic tee, Wardance. In 1991, a war was waged on the Jamaican dancehall battlefield. Two artists, Super Cat, aka Don Dada, and Ninja Man, aka Don Gargon, clashed at Sting in Kingston in a historical battle, captured by Shawn Mortensen on one of his many travels.
RockersNYC also had the honor of producing a tee using Brian DeGraw’s multimedia piece “The Youth of Today” (2006). This piece features two albums of the same name by two very different, but equally influential, groups – Musical Youth, an English reggae group, and The Youth of Today, an American hardcore band. As a work of art, and a tee, “the piece suggests that beneath heterogeneous surfaces and commercial artifices there is a universality of artistic ambition transcending class, borders, genres, and disciplines.”
Have a look at some more pictures of the t-shirts after the jump.

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