From the ground up

Rare talent isn’t the only thing that was celebrated at this year’s SXSW Festival; rare sneakers are too.  A few lucky musicians and aficionados walked away with one of a select few Airwalk heritage styles that were reintroduced in Austin this year, including the eponymous Airwalk Vic Velcro. 
Originally introduced in 1987, Vic took on a life of his own, making an indelible mark in the industry as one of the most iconic skate styles of all time.  Vic Velcro’s “lace saver” flap was designed to help skaters from blowing out laces during aggressive sessions on in the pipe or on pavement.  The sleek high top is as innovative today, as it was back in the day, and even enjoys a viral fan base of skate and sneaker enthusiasts alike.
After two decades, the Vic Velcro embarked on a special domestic reunion tour as the marquee product at a special Airwalk presentation at the Spin/MySpace San Jacinto Saloon at the South by South West Music Festival in Austin, Texas from March 13-16th 2008.  As one of the select range of classic Airwalk styles available for men and women, the Vic Velcro is one of the first re-releases for the Airwalk brand and will not being sold to the general public.  The Vic Velcro took its place as one of the most coveted collectables items for attending performers, musicians, tastemakers and the music industry press.  Check out for details on the Vic Velcro to come.

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