Famed photographer Boogie is about to release his newest book. Once again he presents a set of photos that he collected around the globe, showing special people and situations that he came across.
For the release of his new book he got together with NYC brand 10.Deep. Since they did not want to do only the usual t-shirt, that we got used to see for pretty much anything releasing these days, they went a step further and also created a zine, which consists of powerful images that did not make it into the book. The package thus consists of the new book, the zine and a special t-shirt and it will be released tomorrow night, March 20th, at the release event organized by Powerhouse Books.

10.Deep founder and designer Scott Sasso sat down with Boogie to talk about his work, his life and of course the new book. The outcome is an interesting conversation between two creative minds.
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