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Here are some interesting news. Nelly has according to DNR bought the license for Troop and wants to bring the brand back into the market by end of the year.
“The iconic ’80s hip-hop brand Troop has a new lease on life, thanks to a recent licensing deal with rap superstar Nelly. Along with business partners Ian Kelly and Yomi Martin, the 32-year-old, St. Louis–born musician has licensed the trademark for Troop from Innovative Custom Brands, and will relaunch the label later this year.

The initial collection will feature just a handful of styles, with a focus on familiar Troop items, such as jackets, T-shirts and sneakers. The brand’s executives are targeting specialty streetwear chains like Dr. Jay’s and Man Alive, and will likely price the jackets at around $100 and up.”
Sounds like it will be a Mall brand! But, let’s wait and see what happens!

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