Where the runway meets the street

55DSL announces a new collaboration with SPACE INVADERS to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. The collaboration activity includes the release of the 55DSL edition of SPACE INVADERS WORLD WAR (tentative name) a new online game, and 55DSL x SPACE INVADER a collaboration t-shirt. 

The brand new shooting game made for PCs can be played by anybody from around the world. Using just the mouse, players can enjoy competing against players from other countries, what makes this game special is that players are not only fighting against the SPACE INVADERS, but players can also enjoy the thrill of teaming up with his or her peers as well as sharing tactics with different countries.
This special 55DSL online version of the game was created by the 55DSL design team located in Italy with a exclusive design and will be distributed from March 2008.
A limited edition t-shirt has also been designed by the 55DSL design team in Italy for the collaboration with SPACE INVADERS and will be sold at select number of stores worldwide.

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