From the ground up

Following the Adidas Materials of the World Series, this one is dedicated to the flavours. Cooked up and delivered with the finest ingredients it takes away any sneaker fan’s senses.

This month is inspired by the traditional Qing Ming Festival in China, where they honour their ancestors. Qing Ming means “clear and bright”. In April, they enjoy springtime and tend to the graves of departed ones. As it is very windy, kite flying is a very popular tradition as well.
The “Qing Ming Festival” Superstar features a light apricot-coloured upper fabric, like silk with finely woven gold twill. Underneath, a traditional flower ornament print. Wine red leather applications such as the stripes and heel cap and a cream-coloured soft leather tongue.
These are now available at Overkill. Check them out in detail after the jump.

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