From the ground up

New Balance is pleased to announce the introduction of the Elements 576 Collection, featuring a theme inspired by the basis of the universe according to Chinese Taoism: the elements. Three of the five elements in this age-old theory are realized in a collection of limited-edition shoes – Earth, Wood and Water.

The Elements 576 collection features design details that reflect each of the three elemental concepts. For instance, “Earth” features brown contrast stitching, a medial pattern reminiscent of layers of sediment and materials used to convey soil. “Wood” features a black and green design to signify tree bark and leaves, medial embroidery of trees and a unique “peel leather” to convey bark. “Water” embodies Zen-like serenity and tranquility, with a blue/white colorway, transparent rubber outsole and a recurring pattern of water bubbles.

Each shoe has a distinctive Chinese touch: the medial side of every Elements 576 shoe features the Chinese character that represents the shoe’s respective element.

The Elements 576 collection will be available in limited quantities and will retail for $100.00. The shoes will debut at retail spaced out over the spring: “Earth” is available 4/1/08, “Wood” will be available 5/1/08 and water will be available 6/1/08

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