Where the runway meets the street

Stone Island has been one of our favorite labels for years now, especially because they never followed any trends and always concentrated on being innovative. That is something rare nowadays, especially by a small independent company. They develop all materials themselves.

A while back we heard that an upcoming collection by the brand was designed by Errolson from Acronym and of course we got excited. Luckily we ran into him a few weeks ago in Berlin and he told us a bit about it and also showed us some samples of the Fall collection. The Stone Island Black Label will get to stores end of the year and will be a little different from the usual Stone Island collection, while still being very innovative, if not even more. Smart design with lots of functionality, the same principles that made Acronym so popular are also the core values of this new collection. Thankfully they also adjusted the cuts a little, because Stone Island is very Italian in their cuts, resulting in overall very short pieces.
Keep your eyes open for this collection, it will blow you away in a few months. Thanks for the pic to Jeff Staple.

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