Where form meets function

Last week the Radical Advertising Exhibition (they also have an online exhibition with lots of works out of the exhibition – make sure not to miss that) opened its doors to the public. It will recreate spectacular ambient advertising campaigns in 3-D and introduce the visitor to the advertising world of Web2.0 and Youtube. The RADICAL ADVERTISING exhibition uses numerous examples to illustrate the history of shock advertising and employs the shortest-lived examples of the genre to bring visitors not only close to, but actually into pop-up stores and guerilla marketing campaigns.

The heart of the exhibition is a Comme des Garçons guerrilla store containing both retro products and the label’s most recent designs. The store will appear at the launch of the exhibition and disappear again when it ends. Although Comme des Garçons has already applied the guerilla store concept in a variety of cities (including Berlin, Singapore, Krakow, and Glasgow), this is the very first time it has used it in a museum. The store rebelliously carries to extremes the notion of the increasingly mercantile nature of museums. It will be surrounded by a wire fence: on one side of the fence, visitors to the store will look out through the wire mesh into the museum, while on the other side, visitors to the museum will catch glimpses of the glittering world of consumerism through the wire barrier. Via Artschoolvets.

The exhibition will take place at the NRW Forum Duesseldorf from April 5th – August 16th.
A very interesting and exciting concept for sure. We totally see the Guerilla Concept by Comme des Garcons popping up more often in the future as part of a museum or an exhibition.

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