Home Sweet Home is a celebration of Banksy’s street art in his home city of Bristol. This book places him in the context of 3D, John Nation from the Barton Hill Settlement, Inkie, Nick Walker and the other artists and musicians who were instrumental in linking Bristol to the original New York hip hop scene.
It is the most revealing account of Banksy’s formative years and contains more than one hundred images of his Bristol art, as well as pictures of Banksy at work, many of which have never been published before.
Steve Wright, Venue magazine’s Art Editor, traces Banksy’s roots back to the rave culture of the Nineties and draws a rounded picture of an artist who is most famous for anonymous.

The book, which has been released by Tanget Books, shows on 104 pages Banksy’s early works as well as a lot of material from the past days. For fans and critics this book is a great completion to the title “Wall and Piece”.
Most interesting we find the discussions in the book of the demographic that is mainly hyped about his work and whether or not he will stay this hyped in the art scene. Opinions differ very much and only time will tell who is right.
Check out many page spreads after the jump.

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