Designer Daiki Suzuki, founder of Engineered Garments, has created his Woolrich Woolen Mills collection. Suzuki is harkening back to a time when clothes were simpler. “In these times of ‘Extreme Tech’ we do not want to forget the charm and character of ‘Low Tech’ sportswear,” Suzuki says. The fall/winter collection combines European old world charm with American blue collar life. The designer was inspired by the sporting world in America in the 20’s and 30’s, which was a casual adaptation of British sartorial style, when men wore ties and bow ties under their fishing and hunting jackets. The “Low Tech” qualities of sporting garments were more natural and primitive. The collection is definitely a favorite of fashion purists and sartorial revivalists in search of all American heritage. WWM uses wool fabrics milled in Woolrich, Pennsylvania, one of the last mills left in the US and one of the few in the world to develop woolens made in US. Via WATM.

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