Where the runway meets the street

To celebrate its latest installment of T-shirt series featuring fantastical metal covers, Mishka presents an exclusive and rare interview with the undisputed king of Thrash metal art. 
This spring, Mishka was thrilled to have the opportunity to feature the work of legendary artist, Ed Repka, who is best known worldwide for his iconic work during the 80s and 90s with Megadeth and Vic Rattlehead, their roguishly evil skeletal mascot.
According to Repka, “The new street wear movement is exciting and offers another great new market for my work.” Responsible for creating many of the iconic shirt designs in metal’s history, Repka goes on to comment, “T-shirts can be great medium for creative expression rather than just a marketing medium for music and movies.  When you wear extreme imagery, you’re making a really bold statement.  I think it’s a great antidote to today’s politically correct climate.”
Describing himself as a connoisseur of grotesque, Repka has painted brutal covers for many other members of metal’s finest such as Death, Nuclear Assault, Violence, Possessed, Defiance and more recently, Municipal Waste and 3 Inches of Blood.  Following Derek Rigg’s “Rasputin” masterpiece for Fall ’07, Repka is the second artist to contribute work to this Mishka on-going series. For this season, Repka painted “Lobotimizer,” the brand’s lament to teenage brainwashing by the Man, which is now available as a part of the Spring ’08 collection. 
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