From the ground up

We present you the Nike Dunk Rivalry Pack. It consists of the Orangemen Dunk, Heel Dunk and Hoyas Dunk for Syracuse University, North Carolina and Georgetown.
“The story behind them involves Nike going back to the roots of the Dunk and their origins in Basketball, as well as Nike’s foundation in collegiate sport. The Rivalry Dunks pay homage to the TRUE fans at three particularly noteworthy colleges. Each of these colleges have fans that have distinguished themselves by camping out in the dead of winter, queuing up in line for days at a time and essentially bleeding their team colors. Nike set out to recognize the passion for sport, and the rivalries that drive it, by working with a lucky group of the most hardcore fans, the teams and the Athletic Departments of each of these three colleges to create a custom Dunk in their honor. This was followed up by a ceremonial dinner and special festivities for those involved, culminating in a pair of the (exceptionally limited) Dunks given to a select group of very fortunate individuals at each function with the rest of the invited guests cheering them on.” Via Allen AKA.
Have a detailed look at all three Dunks after the jump and do not get your hopes up on getting one of them.

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