A pretty amazing pair of Levis turned up on Ebay last week. The pair of vintage “Big E” denim are not only dated back to around the late 1940’s but their a size W34 L75 – Long! From the auction description, “The leather not paper patch reads: Lot 501SXX  W34  L75… The best I can recall my dad saying was these were made special for someone that wore stilts and walked around, I’m not sure if it was the L.Aco.fair or the World fair and are from the late 40s or eairly 50s. I’m 49yrs. old now so it has been some time and I had forgot all about them till my dad past away. I’ve been keeping up on old LEVI’S for a few years now and have never seen or heard of another like these.” The auction looks to have ended with zero bids but I would not be surprised if these ended up in an archive in San Francisco any day now. (via d&r)

A bit odd but well worth a view after the jump.

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