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Seeing Tonite back on the map has been very exciting this year and aside from a strong new collection this season, they also seem to make big moves on other levels. The UK label has been asked by Paul Smith to design a collection for their Japanese store.
This work was a special request from Paul Smith to design a capsule collection for their Japan stores. It will also be making it’s way to London with a very limited appearance at the P.S. Borough store. This is the very first preview. It is heading into stores now.
The name of this collection is “Robinstein Frankencrusoe” and as that suggests, it’s about a combination of the attributes of those two (Robinson Crusoe & Frankenstein) mythical figures. Frankenstein, alienated by a hostile, war-like society, escapes and takes to the Sea, pursuing the Sun and the promise of a better life. However, he is ship wrecked and washed ashore on a small tropical island, where he is discovered by it’s only resident, Robinson Crusoe. They form a friendship and an alliance and the clothes reflect their collective ideas about survival.

There are elements of surf-style and punk in the clothes, which are part of Fergadelic’s ongoing attempts to meld the Punk with the Hippy!
It is great seeing such unexpected collaborations, with such an incredible turn-out. At the same time we have to give it to Paul Smith, a high fashion designer, who clearly understands and appreciates the talent and skills of Tonite and Fergadelic.
The collection is now hitting stores in Japan and London. If you are lucky you can get your hands onto one of these classics. This is certainly one of those pieces that you buy and look back at in 10-20 years.
Check out the collection after the jump.

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