Where the runway meets the street

In 2002, I bought an Eagles Starter Parka on eBay for 28$US shipped. I also cut some fancy parts in my hair. My childhood swagger was back. Unfortunately, the jacket was roughly the same size I would have worn when I was eleven, and the haircut was not greeted warmly by women. I’d made a slight mistake, failing to fuse my nostalgic yearning with my contemporary needs.  

Last holiday season, when images of Starter jackets started appearing and rumors of a revamp began to buzz, memories of my youth (and my misguided style choices in 2002) were ignited. Recently, we were greeted to official confirmation of the rumors. Starter is back… or more appropriately, the brands profile has been reinvigorated. Helmed by Jeff Staple, Starter Black Label is sporting heritage meets contemporary sportswear.

Over email, Jeff shared some of his thoughts about and inspirations for Black Label.
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