Where the runway meets the street

Hoody Named for “Athletics West,” Nike’s elite track and field club of a bygone era, and “1977,” the year the Hoody was created, this is the sweatshirt worn by legendary runners from Pre Fontaine to Alberto Salazar. Fleece is the foundation of athletic apparel and Nike has always sought to do it best. At the pinnacle of Nike Sportswear, this quest has developed into a partnership with Loopwheeler of Japan, a company revered for their high-grade fleece. One of the only manufacturers in the world that still makes the cotton fabric on loopwheel machines, they have meticulously crafted this iconic half-zip pullover to once again distinguish it as the sportswear icon it is.
You can expect this piece to come in extremely limited quantities and quality that you hardly find from any other brand out there. It is impressive how a big brand like Nike does reach out for the best and ends up working with a small company such as Loopwheeler to achieve their goal.

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