The addition of a new sport to the summer Olympic line up is always exciting. In 2004, women’s wrestling gained the support of the IOC. 2008, we see the inclusion of BMX. While the new sport of 2004 was great for the Title 9 set, BMX is another step in mainstreaming fringe sports and incorporating the “extreme” with the long standing traditional activities practiced by the Greeks. 
To celebrate BMX’s move into the games, Nike 6.0 Celebrated in Bejing last week with The Lightening Bolts Art Show and BMX exhibition. Nike team riders, along with BMX legends Eddie Fiola and Brian Blyther, hit the custom built ramps. In addition, contemporary artists shared their vision and passion for the sport Among them was Michael Lau, who remembered the importance of BMX in his own childhood.
Nike also honored Bob Haro, recreating his famous number plate as an artists canvas.
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