Our friends at Hint offer a nice glimpse into Karl Lagerfeld’s photography project, Metamorphosis of American – A Cycle of Youth 2003-2008. “Karl Lagerfeld has spent the better part of the last five years photographing Ford model Brad Koenig for projects ranging from gallery shows to ad campaigns. But that’s just the beginning. They’ve also rendezvoused each month to shoot Brad as any number of fictional characters and real-life icons, i.e. James Dean, Rudolph Valentino and Lieutenant Pinkerton from Madame Butterfly. Proving the shelf life of a model doesn’t have to be short, Karl has now compiled those images of the Missouri native in a book, Metamorphoses of an American (Steidl), which he launched last Friday at Pace/MacGill gallery…”

Visit Hint for more great photos of the book launch.

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