Where form meets function

From Bjork’s recent video to Lakai’s “Where the Wild Things Are Series,” the influence of Maurice Sendak’s classic childrens book has posted a wide swatch recently. Add to that continued rumors of Spike Jonz feature length film, and well, the intersection of Sendak with the contemporary fashion and art world is undeniable. Yet, with the surge of product related to his drawing, little information about the artist has been shared with this audience. There is a lot to know about Sendak beyond “Where the Wild Things Are,” and a good deal to be learned from his interests and techniques.
A new exhibition at Philadelphia’s Rosenbach Museum and Library, “There’s a Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak,” is open now. It is the largest retrospective of Sendak’s work to date, honoring of his 80th birthday and driven by his own words. 
A little about Sendak: “One of the most famous creators of contemporary children’s books, Maurice Sendak has authored and illustrated 84 books in a career spanning nearly six decades. The themes and illustrations that characterize Sendak’s work have challenged the norms of children’s literature over time and continue to entrance both children and adults to this day. His innovative techniques and honest portrayal of childhood emotion are celebrated worldwide and have earned him several prestigious honors, including the Caldecott Book Medal (1964), the international Hans Christian Andersen Medal (1970), the National Medal of Arts (1996), a Library of Congress “Living Legend” medal (2000), and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for Literature (2003).”

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