Memorial day has now come and passed. This means (for Americans) a few things. Summer is in full swing. “Flex time” at the office means frequent three day weekends. And, its time to move most of the activities from inside to the great outdoors.

Outdoor furniture plays a big role in the summer lifestyle change. So often, a plastic chair and table fit the bill. For Terrence Conran, however, outdoor furniture can have flair, and sass, and just, well, be a bit playful. New pieces are available now at the Conran Shop.

One of the most interesting pieces is the Voiltaire 1 chair, designed by Jasper van Grootel. Made of beach wood and coated in rubber, a traditional French form is dressed for the elements. Certainly not fitting of everyone’s taste, but undeniably ambitious in intent. Less overtly fanciful is Gerard de Kinderen’s Cloth Table. A pine table topped with a polyurethane coated cloth, ready for outdoors. The table was chosen as the official table for the Tokyo Designers week 2007.

Check the table and another selection from the new Conran Outdoor collection after the jump.

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