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Especially abroad, the Munich based label GOMMA enjoys the reputation as one of Germany´s most important music collectives. Besides their progressive music projects, the Gomma Gang has a huge output of visual work, of a diverse aesthetic and visual complexity which goes far beyond being simply artwork for music. Once a year they launch; the postermagazine AMORE, a limited t-shirt collection made in collaboration with BEANS (Tokyo) and MAGNIFIQUE (Los Angeles), and present the annual MONDO GOMMA Picture show, which takes place in a gallery somewhere between Barcelona and Tokyo.
Art directors of GOMMA are MIRKO BORSCHE and THOMAS KARTSOLIS aka SMAL and PAZE. Both have been awarded with several prizes, one of which being the Lead Award Germany in 2007.

Within MONDO GOMMA Picture Show there will be illustrations, music, and artwork exhibited by SMALPAZE with work from the label’s contributing artists and designers.
So far the show has featured artwork by Michael Sailsdorfer, Kostas Murkudis, MUNK, Benjamin Röder, Daniel Josefsohn and The Rammellzee. Previous years events have been held in Stockholm, Milan, Barcelona and last year in Tokyo, where Berlin based magazine 032C curated an exhibition showcasing five European Newcomers: the GOMMA universe was shown alongside Jonathan Meese, Amelie von Wulfen and Marc Brandenburg.

The next issue of AMORE poster magazine will be released in June 2008. As it’s regular feature it will include 24 broadsheet posters designed by SMALPAZE. For this issue, the role of “special guest” illustrator is taken up by the Australian MISHA HOLLENBACH aka PERKS. He and his girlfriend Mini, form the Melbourne based design- and fashion collective PAM, which in the last couple of years has emerged as a leading name in New Illustration. In Japan the collective’s name is revered to an almost cult like status.

The Pool Gallery is proud to present the MONDO GOMMA Picture Show No. 5. During the opening the new AMORE Magazine will be launched.
The exhibition opened yesterday and will run until July 7th. We passed by and can give you a detailed look at the works by both Misha Hollenback and Smal & Paze.
Check it out after the jump.

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