Since the mid 70’s, early 80’s, punk rock served as an outlet for “outsiders” who considered themselves “anti-establishment”. Groups such as the world renowned Ramones, Sex Pistols & The Clash paved the way for modern day punk groups such as The Misfits, Minor Threat or Bad Brains. One such punk rock band that had an influence on new, faster punk rock (called “hardcore punk”) as well as the punk rock lifestyle, are The Exploited from the UK. Formed in 1979 and still going strong to this day, their album covers and lifestyle have had a lot of influence on how the younger generation present themselves, a DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude; not caring what the next person thinks.
Fitted Hawaii presents “The Exploited” pack. The shirt graphic is flipped from an album by The Exploited featuring a skeleton with lots of bright, neon colors that are drawn from the early days of punk rock – the Reflective skeleton is rocking a crazy, spiked mohawk with a grimey set of glow-in-the-dark teeth. The t-shirt has been released this weekend in several colorways.

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