From the beginning in 1965, the Grateful Dead set its own standards and redefined music and the live concert experience. The band’s apparent disdain for the status quo enabled them to become music’s most enduring success story, and what began as a freewheeling group of musicians transformed into one of the most powerful icons in American pop culture. Serving as a canvas, the collection pays homage to the Grateful Dead legacy through simple execution with detailing left to the powerful imagery and artwork for which has become forever associated with the Grateful Dead. Featuring the two artists who were at the forefront of San Francisco’s renaissance of graphic poster art in the 1960s and 1970s, Alton Kelley’s and Stanley Mouse’s artwork is featured prominently; Skull & Roses, Europe ’72 album artwork and Ice Cream Boy are three of the icon pieces featured. The famous dancing bears and Grateful Dead logo round out this amazing collection that includes Chuck Taylor® All Star® high top and oxford shoes. Available in black/blue/grenadine, black/bears, white/blue/grenadine leather, white/bears, white/grenadine/gold and white/multiple, shoes in this collection.
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