Philip Johnson is undoubtedly America’s master modernist. His career began in 1943, after graduation from Harvard University’s school of design. He studied under Gropius and Breuer, Notable buildings soon followed. Among them New York’s AT&T building (now known as Sony Plaza). Prior to becoming an architect, Johnson was the director of the Department of Architecture at MoMa. There he introduced the nation to modern architecture and the international style through ground breaking exhibitions. It was the contemporary that drew his interest as a scholar, and remained his inspiration when he moved from studying to creating.

The architects most famed building, and a clear experimentation of the international style, is his own home in New Canaan, CT. The Glass House, as it is known, was built in 1949 and has just recently (2007) been opened to the public by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Excitement seems the wrong word for this, as all available tours for the house are booked solid for this year.

Fear not though, all is not entirely lost. A new book, titled The Glass House is out, and gives an in depth account and photographic review of this marvel of American modern.

Thanks to A Continuous Lean for the heads up.

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