Where form meets function

Love it. Hate it. Karaoke is an inescapable part of our cultural fabric. Whether belting out a version of Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love,” to release some after work tension, or getting really competitive at a hip-hop karaoke session, the appeal of performing has a range of depth and cathartic outlets. 

Exploring the layered meanings of karaoke drives a new exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati. American Idyll: Contemporary Art and Karaoke includes the works of artists contextualizing the activity in popular culture. Informed and inspired by recent television trends, like the obvious American Idol, the show also includes a Karaoke Party on site each Monday.

Designed by internationally famed architect Zara Hadid, the center is worth a visit on its own. Especially amusing is the UnMuseum a portion of the museum that allows kids (and grown up kids) to interact with first rate art, touch and smell, and generally have an awesome time. American Idyll is up until August, the UnMuseum will hopefully be around forever.

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