The Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley has given the US presidential candidate’s dress sense the once over: Barack Obama’s own wardrobe has been striking in its simplicity. His trademark is a slim-fitting black suit, and a sense of spit and polish; a very starched white shirt, a very shiny dark shoe. The dark tailoring gives him gravitas, and – in photos at least – adds presence to his slim figure.

Cartner-Morley brought on GQ fave Charlie Porter who said Obama had “a potent combination to have a relatively young man who seems to be bursting with energy, and to be doing so in a suit. Obama has managed quite a heady mix of turning himself into this inspirational figure to the young, while doing so in clothing that is totally sober.”

“He is one of the few public figures to grasp the new mood in American tailoring prompted first by Thom Browne and now Tom Ford – the sort of slick and optimistic tailoring that is seen in BBC4’s Mad Men,” added Porter.

Jeremy Langmead, editor of Esquire, heaps further praise on the Democrat candidate: “Politicians have to pay attention to their clothes,” says Langmead. “Remember the stick Michael Heseltine used to get about his attention to detail, his big hair. That became his caricature; that he was incredibly vain. Obama manages to look fashionable without looking fashiony.” Via

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