Where the runway meets the street
The graffiti movement is one that has long influenced streetwear, culture and art in general. Sasha Jenkins (Ego Trip Magazine, White Rapper show) and Legendary Artist Chino BYI  in conjunction with 10. Deep clothing gives you a look behind the scenes into the graffitti before it’s immoratlized on walls, the beginnings of masterpieces. Piecebook: The secret drawings of graffiti writers, a compilation of sketches from world famous artists will be on prominent display on Thursday June 12th as 10. Deep holds a gallery reception for the release of the book. The event will showcase prints from select artists featured in the book and for sale at the event will be a special package including a copy of the book, a Piecebook tee and sharpie.
Check out more info on the book here.
The Package will also be available at the 10 spot Friday 12pm eastern/standard time.

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