From the ground up

Fixed gear biking seems to be all over the place at the moment and now shoe companies also start paying some more attention, developing footwear specifically for fixed gear riders. We present you the Vans 45LX “Fixed”.
“From any other brand we’d roll our eyes at the inevitability of a cash-in, but when the makeups are as clean as this, they stand alone nicely on the merit of being a decent Summer shoe that bolsters something ever-fresh but disposable with the ballistic nylon, suede on the darker version, and nubuck on the off-white. Reflective material woven into the laces and applied to the old style heel logo offers some low-key get yourself seenisms, and it’s all very agreeable indeed.” Via Crooked Tongues.
Vans presents a solid line-up, good features, while keeping the shoes simple and not making them to technical. Each shoe also comes with a matching saddle bag.
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