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Some things have changed since 1999. It’s no longer en vogue to talk about the “Y2K bug,” and the desire to “declare war on the mayor” has been replaced by a homogeneous chorus of “F Bush” from the hip-hop ranks — change begins at a local level! As an underground stalwart for over 15 years, New Jersey’s Pacewon always knew how to keep it real. As he prepares for the release “The Only Color That Matters Is Green,” Pace is proving that he still goes for his like Malik Sealy…really! The first single, “Hip-Hop,” has a classic vibe and expresses a love for the art form, rather than the bitterness that we see all too often from over-the-hill MCs. This album is going to be fire! Don’t sleep. While Eminem sits around getting fat, Pace is sticking to his roots and doing what he does best.
We present you in collaboration with Fairtilizer an exclusive interview with the artist and also a playlist that he made especially for this feature, including his own songs and some of his favorite at the moment from other artists.
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