From the ground up

Last week we gave you a first preview of the SBTG x Lazy Paramount Dunk and today we can show you images of a 1 of 1 Paramount Dunk, which turned out very impressive and will be used for the final model.
Using selvage denim was always mandatory for a customade sneaker and hunting a specific “gucci” selvage with black denim was like a dream come true.  
Selvage is desirable because the edge can’t fray like lower grade denims that have separate wefts which leave an open edge that must be stitched. In this case, the selvage sits perfectly on the top of the midsoles like its supposed to be aesthetically. Seeing the denim fray on the midsole is simply blasphemous.
The beauty of it all is that an exposed selvage lining on the midsole can only be achieved through a D.I.Y. process due to the nature of the denim and the sneaker panel curves. It is a very tedious process. 
Maintaining an understated look by leaving all the uppers black. leaving the focus on the midsole area which forms a perfect layer cake “green, red, green, off white, black stitching & lastly, gumsoles.
Lastly, a final touch of finesse, a black snakeskin swoosh. We especiallyenjoy that the sneaker does not come with any graphics, and that they concentrated on the right material mix.The outcome is a beautiful sneaker. The final model will also be coming with Starks Laces and of course with the input of Lazy. Expect it to be soon released at Royalefam.
When you create a custom that looks like a premium production model, you know you did something right!
Check out many more detailed images after the jump.

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