Like many kids growing up in the early 1990s, the guys at Triumvir hit the arcade. Quarter after Quarter was pumped into the machines, especially favorites like Street Fighter. The game eventually hit home systems. But, the lure of newer arcade versions kept kids going to the local 7-11, the local mall. A generations version of Donkey Kong. Of Pac-Man. A computerizei si dd beast to be mastered and tamed. 
Back in February, Truimvir connected with Capcom. Childhood loves ignited with new passions and projects. The result is a collaborative event that has Triumvir working on the Street Fighter series. First part of the project has them SHADOLOO and VEGA. Not much more info to that end.
The relationship coincides with the release of a new Street Fighter arcade game, previewed recently at the CAPTIVATE event. Be on the look out for the growth of Truimvir x Street Fighter.

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