The brainchild of Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, YMC was established in 1995 in London, but if you factor in the requisite decade or so it took for the sartorial trickle-down effect to filter through stateside, these guys have just begun. Today, YMC has quietly developed into a full lifestyle label with the cult following to show for it. However, it’s their standout selvedge denim that is the star component of this well-oiled machine. Constructed out of premium raw Japanese denim, this durable pair of jeans will no doubt become a wardrobe mainstay. And this comes as no surprise considering the pair has long operated under American Industrial Design pioneer Raymond Loewy’s mantra that “you must create your own design style,” which carefully guides the construction of their collections from season to season. Not that seasonal trends matter to these two anyway. Their ultimate goal is to create intelligent clothes that are memorable and functional. Mission accomplished. Find YMC here. Via

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