From the ground up

Cockroaches are one of the oldest and evolved creatures on this planet, they are even able to survive nuclear disasters. Just like Rotterdam did when building their city after it has been bombed in WOII. It’s also a creature that adepts itself to its surroundings. Lfstl sees a link because of their own strong ability to create new of existing or forgotten, as they did with the New Balance 577 in Holland. 
The New Balance 577 is inspirited by Rotterdam, who has become a trendsetting city in Holland and the only city with a magnificent skyline. It’s a city of many contrasts. Contrast in architecture that indicates the phases which this city was facing after WOII, the people’s pain, but also their energy and inspiration to re-build their city and to keep on building. Lfstl chooses the to re-design the New Balance 577 because of it’s timeless character and sporty lining. It still is an all-time favourite, though hard to get in Holland.

Use of material and colour show the contrast and where the shoe get’s his theme from. Grey, black, white, petrol and purple show the strength and energy from the working trendsetting city Rotterdam.  Grey, black and white are regularly used colours in all buildings. Petrol indicates the industry and harbour, but also the river that runs through Rotterdam and divides the city in two. Purple translate innovation in architecture and Rotterdam’s open-minded character. 
In choosing the material Lfstl reflects their experience in designing shoes and their knowledge of true sneakers. Their own favourites; gum sole, pigskin suede, black premium croc leather, white patent and perforated suede.
The sneaker will be released in August!

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