We have announced the project before and the first release is only weeks away. Retailers and brands from around the globe participated in the Adidas aZX collaboration project.
“Gathering 22 of the world’s key retailers, from streetwear stores to high-end boutiques, all with their own individual vision when it comes to design and style, the aZX project offered classic adidas ZX running shoe designs alongside an open brief for their own limited edition release. Covering a complete A to Z of the very best in retail, branding and innovation it represents one of the largest scale, most intelligent sneaker collaborations to date.
Using these timeless silhouettes that ranged from the simplicity of the earlier low profile shapes to highly technical Torsion creations and contemporary designs as a blank canvas, some kept it simple in line with the individual shoe’s heritage, others took inspiration from outside the blue box, but all partners projected a personal vision on their choice of shoe perfectly.”
We will keep you posted. Now watch the video here below.

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