Headlining Glastonbury, Jay-Z came out performing a cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” A nod to rude remarks by Mr. Gallagher? Yes, perhaps. But, also, evidence of Jay’s interest in rock music. Let’s not forget he performed with Phish in Coney Island. Then, he only had the opportunity to let them back him on “Big Pimpin'” So, there is the possibility that he just wanted to cover someone else’s song. And, well, to be fair, he picked the right one to further boost profile. 

Jay also went through his verse of the rmx to Estelle’s hit “American Boy.” Once again, the man can play to a crowd. She’s British, the song has got a big buzz. Smartly he’s had other UK stars open for him on European gigs (like Kano) and will be bringing Wale with him to warm up the crowds for his English summer tour.

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