Visionaire Magazine is offering up a special packaging for their 50th issue: a Goyard trunk loaded to the gills with those first 50 Visionaire issues OR a Goyard trunk loaded to the gills with 10 sets of those 50 issues! Price? Massive! 50k$US or 150k$US depending if you want read copies or want to hoard copies. WSJ’s Eva Ramirez offers some thoughts on the pricepoints. “The lofty price tag for a collection of “magazines” is the result of multiple factors, including Visionaire’s increasing collectability, as well as trends in the luxury goods market, which continues to hit ever-higher price points… Last December, the entire run, from 1–53, was purchased anonymously for $65,000.”

Clearly Visionaire Magazine and Goyard up the ante for all future collaborations to come. This is one hell of a set.

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