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We present you a new Manik t-shirt featuring a George Carlin photo print. Manik created the tee in remembrance of the late great comedian George Carlin, who recently passed away on June 22 a few weeks back. Carlin was infamous for his raw, dark, and political humor. He never held any punches, and no subject was off limits. In 1978, his “Seven Dirty Words” standup was taken all the way to the Supreme Court because the F.C.C. felt it was too extreme to play on public television.

That stand-up, “Seven Dirty Words,” was the inspiration for this tee. The bit was about the seven words you could never say on television. The tee features a photo of George Carlin on the front, with those seven words listed on the back in a tonal print.
The t-shirt is now available at 5 & A Dime and comes in two colorways.
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