From the ground up

Design studio Accept & Proceed got together with Nike and has the task to communicate stories through iconic Nike footwear.
“Design studio Accept & Proceed (a previous CR One To Watch) has been working with Nike on a project involving illustrators and trainers. “We were approached by Nike’s Head of European Footwear, Andre Doxey, in January 2007,” explains A&P’s David Johnston, “with a view to starting a discussion on how we might help generate ideas and designs which could tell stories through iconic pieces of Nike footwear. Most of the themes that we came up with celebrated the innovation and technology found within Nike’s footwear products. Some of the themes of these stories were; Seduced by Innovation and Recognise the original. As well as creating designs and illustrations for application to the product ourselves, we also selected and art directed third party creatives to help tell these stories – including Steven Wilson, Jon Burgerman, Oliver Hibert and Andy Forshaw.” Via CR Blog.
Some of their creations have already been released, others, such the the Air Max TN Hybrid (pictured above), are still to come.
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