ACNE is definitely a phenomenon. The Swedish brand has not only made big waves in Europe, but also was an instant hit in the US. Now for the Fall/Winter 2008 season, the brand introduces mens underwear.

The classically masculine collection of briefs, boxers, T-shirts, tank tops and pyjamas is based on the simplest of designs, yet allows for individuality in the wearer’s choice of fabric, colour, material or wash. Divided roughly into three genres, the ACNE underwear collection is reminiscent of those languid men of the 1930s and 40s who spent their time leisurely reading leather-bound first editions, with a cigarette dangling gracefully from the corner of their mouths. The Pop component offers up riotous colours such as Yves Klein blue, orange or purple, the Army component is based on neutral shades like beige, echru or navy, and the Neutral element caters to those that prefer simple whites, blacks or grays.

With subtle detailing like a button fly, silk bands as well as a condom pocket on the pyjamas, shorter legs on boxers to allow them to fit underneath tight jeans, and fabrics to suit both colder and warmer climates this collection suits both the kind of man who likes to know that his sober exterior hides a pair of playfully orange coloured briefs, just as it becomes the man who prefers a pair of subtly toned echru boxers under his denims.

More views of the collection after the jump.

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