The Kidrobot empire is continuing to expand. After breaking the toys market, afterwards the clothing and recently the luggage market, Kidrobot now got together with Tarina Tarantino on a jewelry collection.
“Kidrobot just announced a jewelry collaboration with designer Tarina Tarantino. The goods will debut in Kidrobot and Tarina Tarantino’s Soho stores on July 30 and range from $65 to $975. We couldn’t think of a more fitting designer for Kidrobot to make jewelry with. Tarantino has designed a Barbie doll and Barbie-inspired jewelry and famously gave Hello Kitty pink hair in 2002 (an image she still uses in her jewelry designs), and she’s earned a cult following with her bright, shiny creations. Not to mention she calls her L.A. headquarters “The Sparkle Factory.”

Following up Kidrobot’s recent colorful, toy-inspired handbag line, the new collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, rings, and wallet chains that all feature a Kidrobot character, plus Tarantino’s signature Swarovski-crystal embellishments, Lucite beads, pearls, silk ribbons, and cast-metal pendants. We’re eyeing the drop earrings with angry-looking bunnies smoking cigarettes and sticking out their tongues” Via NY Mag.
It seems like they will offer some nice quality pieces. Check them out on your next Kidrobot visit.
After the jump some more pics of the line.

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