Where the runway meets the street

After the Rainbow C 5 Color and Bumbaclot’s rasta flavor launch, CLOT pushes out another new summer design, the “Round and Around” tee.
The term “Round and Around” have been used in many songs. The term also means recycling. CLOT wants to bring these two elements together and convey the importance of the message.  Recycle is to limit the world’s waste and garbage, and CLOT wants to spread out the message of keeping our environment clean. The green philosophy has always been in the back of CLOT’s mind. The new renovation of the retail store Juice clearly follows this philosophy. The retail store uses a lot more natural light than the previous store. Also, the store’s air conditioning is auto controlled based on outside’s weather temperature, thus it will save energy on cooler days.
The “Round and Around” graphic cleverly fits into the CLOT logo. Additionally, “CLOTINC.COM” is displayed in LED type, which brings out its playfulness and the indication of the online store’s birth.
The new design tag can be found inside CLOT’s spring/summer collection. CLOT’s “Round and Around” tee will be launched in 2 colors, both priced at HKD530. The black version will exclusively be available at Juice and the grey version will entirely be offered only at the online store. “Round and Around” will be available at the start of July 26.

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