Sometimes the easiest and simplest ideas are the best. Orange France now teamed up with Bic, best known for their lighters and pens, to create the first “Ready-to-Call” cellphone. And for the first time the name actually makes sense and holds true. 
Not only do you get a phone and 60 minutes of talk time included in the 49 Euro package (about 62 USD), but the phone comes pre-charged, which means that you can actually start calling right after purchase. It’s the perfect phone for tourists or when you simply run out of battery. 
We also find it brilliant that Orange teamed up with Bic. Because what does Bic stand for at the end of the day? Cheap, decent quality and distributed EVERYWHERE. If they used the Bic distribution for the phone, this can be a huge success.
Also the design looks decent. We can even see the Bic phone becoming a cool accessory to have. Now it just needs to be more widely available, hopefully also outside France, and it will be a hit.
The Bic Phone is now available in the Colette online store.
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